Independent Schools

This version of TDS Online is for independent schools that do not necessarily have a dedicated or experienced formal development team.

During this program, you will:

  • Learn

    View a series of concise online training videos

  • Apply

    Apply what you are learning each week with written, practical assignments

  • Engage

    Engage in one-on-one coaching calls at key points along the way

Topics Covered

  • An Overview on Giving
  • Six Key Principles in Fundraising
  • Developing a Case Statement & Messaging
  • Building an Advancement/Development Team
  • Identifying, Prioritizing, and Managing your Prospects
  • Strategy & Methods for Planning Fundraising
  • Creating and Executing your Fundraising Plan
  • The Asking Process: How to engage prospects and invite them to give

Key Outcomes

  • Receive valuable knowledge about giving and a relational approach to fundraising
  • Understand time-tested principles and practical applications for cultivating major donors over a lifetime
  • Complete a working Case Statement to present to donors
  • Identify and engage a leadership team
  • Create a vetted and prioritized list of prospective donors
  • Develop a strategy for getting in front of the right individuals in order to reach a funding goal
  • Write a comprehensive year-long fundraising plan
  • Practice and prepare for face-to-face solicitation meetings

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