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"TDS has changed my whole paradigm from impersonal letter writing and fear of failure to personal, face to face meetings, and strategic goals. During the three months of taking the course I was immediately putting my training to work in my first major fundraising endeavor. I have already raised most of my first goal. Really exciting! My coach was very encouraging and patient with me. I will highly recommend this course to others."

- Ben Harris, Covenant Presbyterian Church

Webinar Replay

During this program, you will:

  • Learn

    View a series of concise online training videos

  • Apply

    Apply what you are learning each week with written, practical assignments

  • Engage

    Engage in one-on-one coaching calls at key points along the way

Topics Covered

  • An Overview on Giving
  • Six Key Principles in Fundraising
  • Developing a Case Statement & Messaging
  • Building an Advancement/Development Team
  • Identifying, Prioritizing, and Managing your Prospects
  • Strategy & Methods for Planning Fundraising
  • Creating and Executing your Fundraising Plan
  • The Asking Process: How to engage prospects and invite them to give

Key Outcomes

  • Receive valuable knowledge about giving and a relational approach to fundraising
  • Understand time-tested principles and practical applications for cultivating major donors over a lifetime
  • Complete a working Case Statement to present to donors
  • Identify and engage a leadership team
  • Create a vetted and prioritized list of prospective donors
  • Develop a strategy for getting in front of the right individuals in order to reach a funding goal
  • Write a comprehensive year-long fundraising plan
  • Practice and prepare for face-to-face solicitation meetings

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